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How to multiply your financial results by improving your company culture

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Transforming an organization into a digital player is neither easy nor quick.

Such an endeavor will require a company-wide change versus only a few groups needing to modify the way in which they work. This usually takes time, perseverance, and a change management strategy that is well executed.

Transforming an organization to become a digital player requires a huge change in the activities that employees do.

Furthermore, their behaviors and interactions with inside colleagues and external stakeholders will need to evolve. It will require instilling a culture, eventually new values and a new set of behaviors that define how things get done in an organization.

According to studies by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the percentage of organizations that reported breakthrough or strong financial performance was five times greater among those that focused on culture than it was among those that neglected culture in such transformations.

This should be, by itself, enough of a business case and proof of Return-on-Investment (ROI) to convince leaders. But it is not all! Digital leaders are talent magnets and young generations (Gen Z and Gen Y) are attracted to digital players as these enable collaborative and creative environments and greater autonomy for employees.

Are YOU working on becoming a Talent Magnet?


Are these types of outcomes appealing? Would you like to investigate how to transform your organization to achieve breakthrough financial performance, to secure an engaged workforce, and become a talent magnet?

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