The Challenge

  • Technology is disrupting existing business models and creating new customer and employee expectations.

  • New ecosystems are developed, enabled by digital.

  • Traditional organizations are pressured to adopt agile operating models in order to survive in an ever-changing landscape. 

  • Organizations lack a clear definition of "digital" that is adapted to their specific needs.

  • Current organizational structures hinder agile mindset and culture.

  • Enterprises need to acquire new skills to step-up the speed and scale of change. 

How we can help

  • Advise on organizational models that favor agility and innovation

  • Steer the definition and deployment of an agile organizational model that is adapted to your company needs

  • Guide the formulation of a digital transformation strategy, milestones, and KPIs for each wave along the path

  • Conduct the redefinition of roles and responsibilities to allow for rapid learning and decision-making cycles.

  • Identify new skills and tactics needed to acquire and/ or develop them

  • Conduct a pilot to test the new agile operating model, learn, adapt and expand.