We support your organization in its transformation to an agile and collaborative culture to fuel continued growth



The two most valuable assets in any business are actually the same thing. Humans: Our customers and our employees. 

We are experts in organizational transformation who strongly believe that people are the main asset and the best investment for successful businesses. 

We support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through their organizational and cultural transformation for enhanced customer and employee experiences. We can facilitate the improvement of the "moments that matter" and transform them into strategic elements in the path to your business development and success. 

We can assist your organization in the following areas:
•    Digital and Cultural Transformation

•    Change Management
•    Employee and Customer Experience Improvement
•    Leadership Skills Training
•    HR Strategy and Tactics




Bee’z Consulting is a team of organizational transformation experts who believe that people are both the key ingredient and the best investment for business growth and success.


With our hands-on, customized approach, we support medium-sized organizations through their organizational and cultural transformations to ensure unique customer and employee experiences.


We can assist your organization in the following areas:

  • Digital and Cultural Transformation

  • Change Management

  • Employee and Customer Experience Improvement

  • Leadership Skills Training

  • HR Strategy and solutions

About our Founder

Bee'z Website About Us - Silvina Layani

Silvina Layani, Founder and Principal at Bee’z Consulting, is a certified change management practitioner and senior partner to C-level executives.


For nearly 30 years, she's helped private and public multinational organizations navigate complex projects and organizational transformations in response to shifting marketplaces and consumer expectations.


In a world where change is the new normal – and enterprises that do not keep up will likely be outpaced by those who have – Silvina's passion for helping organizations become agile and adaptive, empowers them to overcome resistance and achieve the culture- and profit-enhancing results they envision. Her qualifications in Continuous Improvement, Lean and Agile practices (Scrum, SAFe, and Design Thinking) and Digital Transformation have enabled her to help customers embrace agility as a competitive advantage.


In addition, Silvina's unique focus on people engagement and employee and leadership development ensures that her clients' employees are onboard and ready to change behaviors and adopt new processes. This willing preparedness of all concerned parties is key to the success of transformation initiatives… and it's why clients reach out to Silvina again and again for her support whenever a change is on the table.


Described by her customers as "trustworthy, creative, and passionate about people," Silvina moves quickly at every level of an organization. She's professional, efficient, and thoughtful and adds value from first contact. Silvina's ability to communicate in multiple languages and her multi-cultural capabilities allow her to actively listen to her customers and build solutions that speak to audiences' needs and wants.


In her personal time, she loves learning and exploring new ways to share experiences. And for 20 years, Silvina has mentored primary and high school students to fuel their passion for growth, wonder, and possibility.




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